“It is amazing what happens when we give young people a platform where they feel safe.  They are like flowers in the early morning when the sun hits them for the first time. They just open up and are bright, engaging and they provide a sense of hope.  And there is absolutely nothing more powerful nor beautiful than someone who feels and expresses a sense of hope!”



Developed by Herschel Giroux, Pastor of One Faith Community Fellowship as an outreach program. SAVEZONE held its initial meeting in January of 2018 at Earl Warren High School in San Antonio, TX.

We meet every Monday from 5:00pm to 7:00PM in the Warren cafeteria, where we provide the kids with a meal  before the program begins.


 In May of 2018, SAVEZONE hosted its very first Anti-Bully Rally to address the topic of bullying. Approximately 300 students, parents, and teachers attended to hear from  students and leaders of SAVEZONE.



To establish this program in every middle and high school in America, so that we can teach our children how to use their voices and leadership skills to make their community better.




We will act as a bridge between a school’s administration, teachers and coaches, as well as their parents, while connecting with the youth to provide a safe environment that will give them direction, love and a sense self of worth, which will be biblically based and community focused.


EPH: 4:29


What makes this program unique is the youth with whom we work: 

  • Not all the young people who participate in this program come from the same socioeconomic back ground; nor do they all have the same life experiences. 

  • These students do not all look alike, speak the same way, nor have the same friends.

  • The one thing they all have in common is that they are human and they all have dreams. 

  • SAVEZONE is designed with consideration for the specific circumstances of each student.

  • SAVEZONE functions more like water, than a cookie-cutter. In other words, while SAVEZONE is Bible-based, it has more practical application rather than theoretical underpinnings.

Students are allowed and encouraged to speak openly and honestly about any question asked in an attempt to get them to think and respond accordingly without condemnation or retribution.



We need sponsors, donors, etcetera to help make this VISION come alive and continue to grow. For more information, please contact Pastor Herschel Giroux by email at or by phone at 210-273-1775.

Donations can be  made my mail or online by downloading our mobile app:


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